Commercial Property Dilapidations

At Chace Property Solutions we have dealt with many dilapidation claims on behalf of clients who are tenants in commercial properties. In all cases we have completed the dilapidation works at a cost significantly less than the landlords demand.

Dilapidation Claims

As a tenant in a commercial property you are likely to be served with a ‘Dilapidation claim’ when you are coming to the end of a commercial lease. This document is prepared by the landlord or their surveyor. Often it can be a shock, mainly due to the costs claimed by the landlord for the remedial works. Often commercial landlords claim for items that are not always your responsibility. It is essential that you use the services of a chartered building surveyor specialising in Dilapidations, as they will fight your corner and advise on the best exit strategy for you.

As a dilpidations specialist they will be well versed with your legal obligations and the landlords, they will also advise you every step of the way. If you have a ‘Schedule of Condition’ when you originally took possession of the property, this will be invaluable.

Often you can cherry pick the items on the Dilapidation Claim, for example if the claim for new carpets is less expensive than the contractors quotation, you can choose a cash settlement for this item.

When choosing a building surveyor please ensure that he or she is very experienced and a member of the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) specialising in Dilapidation Claims. Look for this logo .


If you don’t have a Chartered Building Surveyor we would be happy to recommend one that we know to be very good and very experienced in representing commercial tenants dealing with dilapidation claims.

Schedules of Condition

A “Schedule of Condition” is carried out by the incoming tenant or their surveyor at the beginning of a lease and will include photographic evidence of any defects and the general state of the building, a copy should have been sent to the landlord. This will be invaluable against any claim from the landlord when leaving the building, especially if the building you are in has been sold and the new landlords are not in possession of the schedule, unfortunately this is quite often the case.

Schedule of Dilapidations

If you have made changes to the building you are in, for example installed a mezzanine floor, high bay pallet racking, further offices, air conditioning etc, you may be required to have them all removed, and reinstate the building to how you took it, any damage to the building will need to be repaired both internally and externally, normally a redecoration is required. This work has to be done before the landlord will allow you to terminate the lease agreement.

An example of a Schedule of Dilapidations from one of our recent projects can be seen here.

Dilapidation Services in East LondonHow we can help with your dilapidation claim

We have worked with many Chartered Building Surveyors and tenants directly, and we know exactly what is required when dealing with a Dilapidation Claim from a landlord. A Schedule of Dilapidations often has a range of work to be done, with small items that other building contractors simply don’t want to get involved with, such as small areas of brickwork, pointing, concrete and cladding repairs.We are happy to take on these kinds of projects and of course larger scale dilapidation works.

For larger scale projects our dilapidation works have included the removal of mezzanine floors and high bay pallet racking systems. This has sometimes been done free of charge, in some cases we have bought such items in the past, but this does depend on the age and condition of the fixtures of course.

We are proud to say that the quality of our dilapidation services has never been disputed. We believe that our Project Managers are key to this, as they are very aware of the tight time scales involved and are in constant communication with you and your surveyor, to ensure a swift progression, so that you and your business can get a clean break.

To find out more our dilapidation services or for assistance with your dilapidation works please be sure to contact us.

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